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Tariffs: What they mean for your pricing strategy

Alain Meloche, Global Practice Lead, Strategic Pricing for the Internal Consulting Group
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Steel.. Aluminum.. Is your business next? What to do now?

Guest column by Igor Chigrin, CITP, Export & Import Consultant, Win Global Partners
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2018 should be a good year for Canadian exporters, says EDC

The export credit agency is predicting positive news for most major sectors and export growth across all Canadian provinces this year
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EDC forecasts opportunity, not recession…at least for Canada

Export Development Canada says Canadian exporters can benefit from the current economic climate, both in traditional markets and emerging economies
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EDC posts record year, backs more than $100B in exports

“We’re now better positioned to help Canadian SMEs get the solutions they need to grow into international champions,” said EDC President and CEO, Benoit Daignault. “We’re also better placed to help companies of all sizes find growth through avenues like direct investment abroad and foreign affiliate sales, and by finding new connections and gateways to major global supply chains”
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Leveraging the Canada Brand

The international community is fond of Canada and the stuff we make. Exporters can take advantage